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Why Does My House Have Low Water Pressure?

We’ve all had to deal with low water pressure every now and then - especially if multiple appliances and people are using water at the same time in your home. If low water pressure has become a constant issue, however, it’s time to start troubleshooting the cause and find a solution. Southern Air is here......

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How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

Storing equipment outside is typically frowned upon because of the potential damage it can cause, but we intentionally install AC condenser units outside. This leaves many homeowners wondering what they can do to prevent repairs and replacements caused by outdoor sources. Southern Air is here to share some ways you can protect your AC from......

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Clever Ways To Unclog A Drain

We all know about the irritation of an unclogged drain. Whether you can’t wash the dishes or you can’t take a shower without standing in a puddle, clogs can get really old, really fast. Unfortunately, if they’re not dealt with quickly they can become an even bigger disaster. Homeowners should all have a few tricks......

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Why Does My AC Smell?

We all depend on our AC systems for that cool blast of fresh air when it starts to get warm outside. However, sometimes the air in our home begins to smell a little off – particularly right after the AC is turned on. While strange smells don’t always signal an emergency, you should never put......

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