4 Effective Tips For Preventing Allergies In The Home

4 Effective Tips to Prevent AC AllergiesPeople usually suffer from allergies—such as sneezing and difficulty breathing—during the spring season when pollen permeates the air. However, it’s not uncommon for people to suffer from allergies in the home thanks to poor indoor air quality.

People that develop flu-like systems due to turning on the air conditioner or furnace are generally allergic to dust, mold, or mildew. The airborne debris circulates inside the room mainly through the air conditioning and heating ductwork.

If you are also troubled by allergies whenever the air conditioner or furnace is switched on, you should read the following four effective tips to resolve the issue.

Clean your home’s air filters

Cleaning the air filters can help avoid allergic reactions. The air filter can get clogged with dirt and dust. This will not only strain the system and prevent proper cooling but also degrade the room air quality.

You should have the filter cleaned by a professional AC technician as part of an AC tune-up. This will ensure that no dust permeates the air resulting in allergic reactions.

Keep your home at a proper temperature

You should keep the temperature of the air conditioner above 73o F, or 23o C. Keeping the temperature low irritates the sinus and mucus resulting in allergies and sores.

Also, when entering the house from the outside during blistering heat, you should allow your body to cool down for 10 minutes before entering the air conditioned room.

Ensure your home has proper humidity

While too much humidity inside the room is certainly uncomfortable, the same can be said for too low humidity. Air conditioners can easily dry out the air. This can result in allergic reactions. The fact is that your respiratory system requires a certain level of humidity to function properly. Dry air will result in clogged sinus and sores.

The humidity level in the room should be kept between 30 to 50 percent. You can buy a humidifier that can keep the humidity inside the room at proper level. Also, you can buy an air conditioner that comes with dehumidifier feature. Keeping the humidity levels at adequate levels will prevent allergic reactions.

Let fresh air into the home

The fourth most important advice to avoid allergic reactions when turning on the AC is to get some fresh air. Being in the air conditioned room for too long can cause disruption in the immune system. It’s recommended that you avoid being in the air conditioned area for long hours.

Even 5 minutes of walking outside to get some fresh air can be beneficial for your body. Also, you can consider turning the AC off for some minutes during the evening and open the windows to let fresh air inside the room.

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4 Small Changes In Your Home That Can Drastically Cut Heating Bills

An HVAC Technician greeting a CustomerNo one likes paying high heating bills during the winters. However, when given the choice between paying the bill and shivering all winter, you have no other option but to pay the bill. The good news is that you can significantly cut heating bills by taking a few simple steps.

From setting the thermostat to lower temperature to annual furnace maintenance, the following energy saving advice will allow you to cut heating bills significantly every winter.

1. Cover the Windows

You can save a lot in heating bills by simply covering the windows with heavy drapes. This will allow you to set a lower temperature and still be warm and comfortable. Apart from using heavy drapes, you should also consider covering inside window frames with clear plastic sheet. Covering the window will prevent cold drafts from entering inside thereby ensuring increased energy efficiency.

2. Seal the air leaks

Another simple tip to reduce the need for increasing the furnace temperature is by sealing all the leaks inside the house. Sealing the leaks will result in less need of setting a high temperature thereby saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Consider getting your house energy audit by a professional energy auditor, which will cost you anywhere from $250 to $800. The auditor will run a blower test to find the leaks. Also, you can perform your own low tech test for the draft using an incense stick. Turn on the home’s exhaust fans and hold the stick near doors, electrical outlets, and windows. In case the smoke blows sideways, it indicates a leak that should be plugged using caulk, weather stripping, or insulating with expandable foam.

3. Wear warm clothes inside the house

A simple way to reduce the home heating bill is by wearing warm clothes. As a result, you can set the thermostat below 65° F. Every degree that you set lower will result in increased savings for you. The inconvenience in wearing warm clothes will be worth it in the end as it will help in greatly reducing the energy bills.

4. Regular furnace maintenance

Regular maintenance of the furnace will allow the heater to work efficiently throughout the winter. It’s recommended that you have the system maintained by a North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified technician.

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Here Are The 3 Most Common Plumbing Problems In Winter

Turning on the shower in the morning to find no water coming out of the tap can be one of the most frustrating feelings. The fact is, plumbing problems occur from time to time.

Fortunately, you can resolve all types of plumbing issues by calling a professional plumber in your area. Call Southern Air for plumbing services in Alexandria, Louisiana.

The average home faces different types of plumbing problems during the winter. Some of the problems are minor and can be resolved easily, while others require plumbing repairs.

Here are three of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners typically face during the winters.

1. Getting cold water from a hot water

Many reasons can contribute to the cold water that comes from the hot water tap. The water boiler may have developed a major fault due to which it cannot warm the water. Also, the sediment may start to buildup at the bottom of the water heater resulting in reduced effectiveness of the heating element.

In some cases, the heating element itself may have developed a fault due to which the water could not be heated properly. In addition, sometimes the pilot light fails to reignite due to which the water boiler could not warm the water.

To avoid water heater problems, you should have it serviced regularly by an experienced plumber. Also, consider draining the water tank once in a while (ideally twice a year) to remove sediment buildup inside the tank.

2. Freezing pipes

Another common plumbing problem during the winter is frozen pipes. While that’s not typically as much of a problem here in Alexandria, it’s not impossible.

The pipes normally freeze when water temperature dips below the freezing temperature. This usually happens when you have exposed plumbing outside or the pipe runs along the exterior wall of an unconditioned room such as the crawlspace or garage.

You can take certain steps to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. Do not set the thermostat below 55oF if you are not present at the home. Also, on extremely cold nights or in the event of a furnace failure, you should consider opening the faucet and allow the water to drip from the faucet. Moving water is less likely to freeze inside the pipes.

In addition, you should consider opening the sink cabinet doors that will allow warm air to circulate around the pipes. You should consider placing space heaters near the pipes that are located in areas inside the house where temperature remains low. Also, the exposed pipes outside the house should be insulated to prevent freezing during the winter.

3. Pipe bursts

Pipes may burst due to two reasons: rust and ice. Old metallic pipes tend to rust and develop cracks. Eventually they burst and result in water leakage. The chances of a pipe burst are particularly high during the winters.

During extreme cold spell, ice can form inside the pipe. The pipe cracks and bursts when too much pressure builds inside.

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Cold Spots In Your Home: Here’s How To Fix Them

Tips to Address Cold Spots Inside the HouseCold spots are areas inside the house that are not warm when the heating system is on. The condition can occur due to various reasons, including your furnace needing a heating tune-up. They are not just an inconvenience but also ultimately inflate the heating bills as well.

Various steps can be taken to address cold spots inside the home. Here are five tips that can help you in resolving the heating problem in your house.

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1. Check that you have proper insulation

Most homes in the United States don’t have proper insulation. As a result, warm air leaks from inside the room that is replaced by cool air from the outside. Insulating the house can effectively address the cold spots that are caused by the leakage of air. You should seek a professional to insulate the entire house.

Remember that most of the air loss occurs due to heat loss through the exterior walls. The problem with traditional fiberglass insulation is that they can wear away leaving gaps around light fixtures or electrical boxes that results in drafts. So, it’s recommended that you ask the professional to apply Icynene to the insulation.

Icynene is a type of foam insulation that is much denser than fiber glass. Once injected in the wall cavities, it will reduce air infiltration and thereby the cold spots inside the house. The insulation material is sprayed in directly to the wall that expands and fills the cavity.

2. Take a look at your home’s air ducts

Ducts in some homes can leak around 20 percent of the cool air from the room. This usually happens due to improperly connected ducts. Sometimes holes in the ductworks also contribute to the problem.

You should get the ductwork checked by a professional technician. The technician will inspect the ducts and use metal tape to cover the holes or gaps in the duct work if required.

3. What is the positioning of your thermostat?

Cold spots can also be caused by poorly positioned thermostat. The furnace will not properly heat the house when the thermostat is located in a room that is generally warmer than other rooms such as the kitchen or a room that gets a lot of sun.

A solution to the problem is installing a wireless thermostat. The wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere in the house and can transmit signals up to 500 feet through ceilings, walls, and floors.

Address cold spots with the help of Southern Air

Apart from the above, there may be many other reasons for a cold spot inside the house. If you want more information about addressing cold spot, you can contact Southern Air Heating & Cooling.

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24/7 Plumbing Service For When You Need Us

When you have a plumbing emergency in your home, it just can’t wait for the start of the next business day. You need plumbing repair, right away. Southern Air gets that. It’s why we offer 24/7 plumbing service in Alexandria, Pineville, Ball, and surrounding areas.

In our previous blog posts, we’ve been building a case for why Southern Air should be your top choice for Alexandria plumbers. In this post, we’ll outline one more: we’ll be there for you.

Here are just some of the instances in which having a 24/7 plumbing company on call matters.

24/7 Plumbing Service in Alexandria, LA

We’re a trusted 24/7 plumbing company in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Water heater repair

From morning showers to nightly after-dinner dishes, your family depends on hot water for everyday life. When your water heater stops working, you just can’t put life on pause and wait around for a plumbing company to send someone out the next day, when they get around to it. You need 24/7 plumbing service.

Southern Air is known throughout Alexandria for our water heater repair and installation services. No matter what your water heater problems are, our experienced plumbers can help. When you call us, we’ll dispatch one of our team members to help.

Our plumbers travel with the tools and parts needed for most repairs. In most cases, they can fix things, right then and there.

Drain cleaning

A clogged drain may not seem like a major emergency at first glance. However, if it’s your kitchen sink or only household shower that’s clogged, you need it fixed—fast. That’s where we come in. We offer 24/7 plumbing service, and that includes emergency drain cleaning.

When you call our team, we’ll dispatch one of the members of our plumbing team to your home to inspect the clog and determine the best way to clear it. Our trucks contain everything we need to get the job done with no mess or stress.

Other plumbing emergencies

A clogged drain or a broken water heater is a plumbing problem and a major inconvenience. However, there are other true plumbing emergencies we can also help with. For example: Southern Air can help with a water leak, a leaking pipe, or sewer blockage. All of these require immediate 24/7 plumbing repair from a trusted team.

See our full list of plumbing services we offer. Our experienced plumbers help with all your 24/7 plumbing repair needs in Alexandria.

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