AC short cycling: Call Southern Air for help troubleshooting the issue

Air conditioning systems turn on and off to maintain the desired temperature. Cycling is a normal function of the cooling equipment  and is nothing to be worried about. However, in case the air conditioner cycles frequently, it should raise a red flag. It’s called AC short cycling. In this article, we will explain some of […]

Schedule AC Tune-Up In Spring

Here are three reasons to schedule AC maintenance this spring

The cold frigid months are over, and the scorching summer months are about to begin in a few months’ time. In order to ensure that your air conditioner will perform efficiently throughout the summer months without breaking down, you should schedule AC maintenance. Can you remember the last time you had your air conditioning unit checked […]

AC Tune Up Shrieveport

Here’s 4 Tips To Reduce Furnace Repair Costs In Your Home

Heating bills tend to bite a large chunk out of most people’s income. But, when furnace repair costs are added to the equation, it can result in great financial problems. In this blog post, we’ll review some tips to reduce furnace repair costs. What are furnace repair costs such a problem? On average, the cost […]